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Precision-cast components for mechanical engineering.

FErrox stands for experience in mechanical engineering.

FErrox is your capable partner for the development and production of precision-cast components for mechanical engineering. FErrox is your one-stop shop.

  • Strategies, planning, production and logistics
  • Prototypes, small-batch, pre-series and series production
  • Our exclusive production partner is certified according to DIN ISO 9001. IATF 16949 and PED.

FErrox – Premium cast parts for mechanical engineering.

We produce top-class precision-cast components for the mechanical engineering industry, such as: attachments, wear components with special geometries, bearing bodies, actuators, retainers and levers, detents, locking devices, hinges, support lugs or compensating elements. It is our goal to transform your ideas and concepts into tangible products using our precision-casting process.

FErrox is not only a supplier for the mechanical engineering industry: we are competent development partners with outstanding industry expertise and a focus on providing our customers with optimum technical guidance.

Unser exklusiver und TÜV zertifizierter Fertigungspartner in China, bietet neben unserer hohen Fachkompetenz eine schnelle und unkomplizierte „vor Ort” Abwicklung.

Für eine termingerechte und pünktliche Lieferung Ihrer Bauteile oder Baugruppen sorgen unsere hervorragenden Logistikkenntnisse in den Bereichen Seefracht, Zug Logistik und Luftfracht.

Mounting assembly -

Assembly made from 1.4308

Sector: Mechanical engineering
Weight: 0.065 kg
Material: Corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant cast steel

Fuse slider -

Locking slide made from 1.7221

Sector: Mechanical engineering
Weight: 0.180 kg
Material: Tempered steel

Actuator -

Actuator made from 1.4408

Sector: Mechanical engineering
Weight: 2.200 kg
Material: Corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant cast steel

Actuator -

Actuator made from 1.4408

Sector: Mechanical engineering
Weight: 1.000 kg
Material: Corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant cast steel


We speak your language.

„Switching between various businesses, always after spending many years within a specific company, has given me an understanding of diverse sectors and their particular requirements."

Hans Peter Feldhoff - CEO FErrox GmbH


Pure perfection.
Precision casting with FErrox.

Prototype production:

3D printing or rapid tooling processes,
5 units to 100 units

Small batch and pre-series production:

500 units to 1000 units

Series production:

1000 units to 1,000,000 units p.a.

Development site:


Production site:

Shijiazhuang and Dongying, China


0.15 kg - 50 kg,
average 1.20 kg


120 t - 150 t
(up to 300 t expected from 2022)

Certifications and standards:

FErrox Partner in Europe certified according to DIN ISO 9001 (certified by TÜV Rheinland), IATF 16949, PED (certified by TÜV Rheinland) and German pressure vessel directive (certified by TÜV Rheinland).


Quality steels, heat-treatable steels, nitriding steels, case-hardening steels, tool steels, corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant steels, heat-resistant and ultra-heat-resistant steels.


Mechanical finishing on CNC turning and milling centres (3-axis to 5-axis machining), multitasking machines, surface treatment in our own production facility.

Measurement technology:

3D measurement, photometric measurement using GOM and false colour analysis.


Heat treatment of cast parts in our own production facility.


Sea freight, rail logistics and air freight.

The FErrox process

To series production in 6 steps.

Customer enquiry
Technical coordination
Customer order
Pre-series production
Series production

Our components are integrated into many brand products.