FErrox GmbH - Innovative production using the traditional lost-wax technique.

About FErrox

Castings "in perfection" are available with FErrox. Because with more than 30 years of experience, we are your partner in the development and production of precision casting in perfection.

Inventive & ingenious ideas deserve perfect execution.

With us by your side, you can turn your concepts into reality.

We are a reliable partner for the innovative design and production of parts cast using the traditional lost-wax technique. We have over 30 years of experience in the field of precision casting and have detailed knowledge of the potential hurdles that can occur during product development and production. Thanks to many years of practical experience in diverse sectors and businesses, both in Germany and abroad, we speak your industry’s language like a native.

We love a challenge and put all our passion into every one of our projects. Benefit from our experience, attention and energy.

Working in trusted collaboration with our exclusive and certified production partners in Europe, we provide our customers with quick and, most importantly, simple process chains without interface losses. We would be glad to put you in direct contact with our Chinese partners or to open channels of communication. A further goal of ours is to connect people and cultures.

Our company’s own logistic routes in Europe and our high production capacities of up to 150 t of finished cast products with component weights between 50 g and 50 kg reflect our immense production capabilities.

What are you waiting for? – FErrox production is what you need.



„My professional activities have always been production-oriented. And since 1990, I have focussed on providing customers across the world with technical advice and support”

Hans Peter Feldhoff - CEO FErrox GmbH


Approach and planning

Unique ideas deserve our undivided attention.

We look forward to hearing your construction concepts and will check their technical feasibility immediately. For us, every customer and every project is unique, so our quote will be individually adapted to your project-specific requirements. FErrox will draft redline drawings (3D construction) to visualise your proposal. They help us to develop the correct strategy for producing your project, working in close collaboration with you.



Expert services from prototyping to series production.

Your manufacturing activities will benefit hugely from our expert knowledge of the founding industry. From prototype construction using 3D printing methods to small-batch production, pre-series production and large-scale production, FErrox can manufacture between 500 and 1 million components per year for you.

Rapid prototyping takes place at our site in Germany. Our certified production partners in China take on small-batch production, pre-series production and large-scale production of precision-cast workpieces.



We meet all deadlines and deliver Just in Time.

We know how vital punctual and reliable Just-in-Time delivery is for keeping your production chain running smoothly. Our components and assemblies are mainly transported by sea.

However, we can also fall back on rail or air freight to guarantee short-notice availability.

The FErrox process

To series production in 6 steps.

Customer enquiry
Technical coordination
Customer order
Pre-series production
Series production

Our components are integrated into many brand products.